We specialize in Security Printing. From continuous cheques, cheque books, gift vouchers, diploma and degree certificates, cheque analysis, internal document analysis, fraud prevention training and presentations on all documents requiring security features.

Document security has many phases of operation. From the studies of criminal minds and their present and future methods of working – to finding products and systems to forestall such activities – to observing loopholes in all areas and at all levels – to insuring a total, workable and affordable system – together with the peace of mind that is part of the plan.

We have been able to reduce cheque fraud for our customers by between 70% and 99%, by following a few simple procedures in conjunction with fraud awareness training. We see ourselves as your first line of defence and believe in the “Prevention Partnership” approach against document fraud and we work with you to ensure that we form an effective barrier against fraud. Your choice now is whether to choose a partner or simply a product.

“With a correctly printed cheque and teaching employees how to recognize a forged cheque, we can stop 99% of the most sophisticated forgers in the world.”
Frank W. Abangnale
“Catch Me If You Can”

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For more info, contact: sales@kalalex.co.za